It's Simple to Schedule Your Service Appointment at Jaguar Austin

As the weather is about to change again, it's time to use our service scheduling app to make your appointment at the dealership so we can carefully inspect your vehicle. The sooner there are eyes on your vehicle, the better chance you have of not experiencing issues on the highway.

As soon as the car gets on the lift, the mechanic at the dealership will take a look at the tire treads to see if anything looks wrong. Cracks, worn patches, and bulges can all be an indication the tires might be failing. The tires will either be rotated or replaced, whichever is warranted. The fluids in the engine are drained and replaced. The motor oil is changed to a better grade. The oil filter is replaced with OEM approved parts that were made to match those on the car perfectly.

Bring the car to Jaguar Austin, and our team will perform the inspection while you wait.

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