Switch Lanes or Slow Down in Austin, TX

If you are not familiar with the Move Over Law, it is time to get acquainted with it. The Move Over law is actually a law that should be observed in all 50 states, but yet many people do not know it is a law. It means that you should always get in the farthest lane when passing a vehicle that has stopped on the side of the road even if the vehicle is pulled over to the shoulder.

Many people have does because a car passed them too closely. These people include police officers and construction workers. Here at Jaguar Austin, we want to remind you to observe this law so that you can prevent more highway fatalities from happening. If you just can't switch to another lane on time or safely, be sure to slow down at least 15mph when passing a vehicle that has stopped on the highway.

Stay on top of the safety of others in the local area with tips from our staff at 1515 W 5th Street!

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