Are Getting the Tires Rotated Really Important?

Not only will getting the tires on your vehicle save you money, but it will also help make your ride safer too. Consider if you will, all the benefits to having tires rotated once every 5,000 miles. Our team at Jaguar Austin is eager to demonstrate the value that can be gained with a routine tire rotation, so let's dive into the disadvantages that come with putting off a tire rotation:

  • Neglecting to have the tires on your vehicle rotated will start having a negative impact on the front end alignment as the car is constantly pulling to one side of the road now.
  • As the tread on the tires that were not rotated wear unevenly, it becomes more challenging for your vehicle to grip the road. In bad weather conditions, keeping the car in your lane could become an issue.
  • When the tread wears unevenly, and the tires don't last, the warranty could be void if the manufacturer sees that the damage was a direct result of not getting the tires rotated.

At our Austin, TX showroom, trust in our team to inspect those tires and properly rotate them easily for you.

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