Battery in Austin, TX | Car Battery Replacement

Get Professional Battery at Jaguar Austin

Car batteries power all of the vehicle’s electrical systems, including the starter. If your car fails to start, it might be because your battery has failed. Whenever you have your car serviced, you should make sure a quick battery test is on the checklist.

It’s common for a battery to last between 3 to 6 years, and many people choose to replace their batteries after 4 years. However, there are warning signs that your battery is failing and needs to be replaced sooner, such as:

  • Dim headlights
  • Engine starts slowly or won’t start
  • Electrical components are slow or not working properly
  • Battery warning light is on

Let the team in our service center take care of your car. We’ll diagnose your battery and help you find the best replacement for your vehicle. Schedule your next visit to our dealership today, and let us know if you have any questions.