Breathe Easier With a Cabin Air Filter Replacement

February 12th, 2018 by

Just because you are driving doesn't mean that you shouldn't care about the quality of air that you are breathing or that is helping your engine run. That is why we here at Jaguar Austin want to be sure that you know the basics of your vehicle's cabin and engine air filters when it comes time for a replacement.

Your cabin air filter ensures all the air being circulated inside of your car is clean and free of dust and dirt. The engine air filter, on the other hand, keeps dirt and grime out of the air intake valve to keep your engine running smoothly. Both of these air filters typically do not last more than 45,000 miles before they should be replaced. If they are used past this mileage, you risk contaminating cabin air or the air going into the engine.

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Source: Jaguar Austin Blog

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