Spring Car Care Tips You Need to Know About

May 4th, 2018 by

Spring into the new season with a car that works better than ever. Have you been looking for ways to help your car run well this year? Are regular oil changes not enough? Each year, you should have regular maintenance performed on your vehicle. Make sure to check your owner's manual to find out exactly how many months you should have between service appointments. You might be surprised at just what you've been missing when it comes to car maintenance.

One of the most important elements of spring car maintenance is fluid checks. Did you know that you need to have the fluids on your vehicle cleaned and filled? You may also need an alignment, a tire rotation, and an air filter replacement.

Don't stress about car care this spring. Instead, visit us at our Jaguar Austin service center so we can help improve your car!
Source: Jaguar Austin Blog

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