Understand Why Your Engine is Overheating

March 22nd, 2018 by

There are several components of your vehicle that could be contributing to the car engine overheating. Here are some of the top causes for the engine to overheat, as determined by the Jaguar Austin service team.

The thermostat is responsible for controlling the flow of engine coolant in the engine block. If the thermostat fails, it will not be able to send the coolant to the radiator, causing the engine to overheat. The hose clamps at the end of the radiator secure the hoses to the block of the engine and the radiator. These clamps can loosen over time or they become corroded and start to lose their strength. If they fail, the coolant can easily begin to leak out and cause the engine to overheat.

Blown radiator hoses can occur at any time, and if you don't turn off the engine, it could overheat. Bringing your car to our Jaguar repair facility for scheduled maintenance will reduce these instances from leading to an overheated engine.
Source: Jaguar Austin Blog

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